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Getting started with upLynk

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Summary Learn how to sign into CMS, upload your video with the Slicer app, preview your video in CMS, and use the Test Player to watch your video on multiple devices.

Skill level required Beginner

Time to complete 5 minutes

Step 1. Sign into CMS

You must confirm your upLynk account before signing into CMS. After signing up, you were sent an email that contains a confirmation link. Remember to check your spam folder if you haven’t received the email yet.

  1. Sign up for an upLynk account.
  2. Confirm your upLynk account (via the email you received).
  3. Head to CMS and sign in.

Step 2. Upload content

Videos are uploaded to the upLynk system through a free app called the Slicer. It’s easy, secure, and prepares your content faster than traditional methods.

  1. Download the Slicer. Click the + upload button in the bottom left corner of CMS to find the download link. Click '+ upload' and then the 'Download Slicer' button
  2. Once downloaded, unzip the archive and run either SlicerWPF.exe (Windows) or (OS X).
  3. Sign in using your upLynk CMS credentials.
  4. Drag your video(s) into the Slicer. Drag multiple videos into the Slicer
  5. The Slicer updates, as does the CMS interface, to show the slicing progress of your video. You can see the progress both in the Slicer and CMS

Step 3. View content in CMS

Your content automatically appears in CMS shortly after slicing starts. CMS lets you quickly view, edit and share your assets.

  1. Select an asset. This will populate the Editor pane.
  2. In the Editor pane, click the play button in the video window to preview it. Select an asset

Step 4. View content outside the CMS

The Test Player is the easiest way to view content outside of CMS. It doesn’t have any DRM restrictions, so be mindful who you share it with.

  1. Click the link just below "Test Player" in the Editor pane.
  2. View the link on your favorite phones, tablets and computers!


Congrats! You’ve successfully created an upLynk account, signed into CMS, uploaded content, and viewed it on other devices! You’re now ready to continue with more advanced topics.

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