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  • Log file delivery

    If you need more reporting information than what upLynk provides in the CMS, you may get access to more granular data by enabling log file delivery. You can use these logs to extract very customized and fine-grained information about how you and your end-users interact with the upLynk system.

  • Error reporting

    Receive immediate notification when the upLynk system detects errors such as missing assets or invalid playback URLs.


  • Integration APIs

    Documents APIs for backend integration (your application servers connecting to upLynk's application servers).

  • Generating playback URLs

    Documents upLynk’s predictable convention for generating m3u8 playback URLs. This approach simplifies integration with other systems because in many cases an external system can generate the correct upLynk playback URL instead of having to call an upLynk integration API.

Players & Client SDK APIs

  • Getting Started

    Please review this section first before continuing to the sections below.

  • HTML5 Web Browser Player

    Illustrates the various options for creating a high quality playback interface using the upLynk HTML5 AdaptivePlayer

  • Android SDK

    Demonstrates how to use the Android SDK

  • Microsoft SDKs

    Resources on how to use the Microsoft Universal SDK for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 and the Xbox 360 SDK.

  • Other Devices and Client Web Services

    Provides resource on how to integrate with third party libraries

  • The AssetInfo API, the Preplay API, and the Ping API

    Provide metadata about the resource before and during playback, useful for getting infomation about ad breaks


  • Digital Rights Management (DRM)

    This guide covers topics related to controlling how and when your content is consumed by your users; this functionality it sometimes referred to as "Digital Rights Management" or "DRM".

Slicing (upload & encode)

  • Slicer: Ingestion of VOD Content

    The Slicer is the tool used to send Video on Demand (VOD) content to the encoder cloud and comes in GUI and command line versions. In both cases, the slicer is manually invoked to kick off the process of preparing content for encoding.

  • Slicebot: Automated ingestion workflows

    The slicebot tool monitors one or more directories on your filesystem and watches for files to arrive. New files placed into a monitored directory are automatically sliced and sent to the cloud. This guide explains how to configure and use slicebot to automate content preparation.

  • Live Slicer: Setup

    The liveslicer is the tool used to capture content from a live signal and send it to the encoder cloud. The live slicer must be configured to publish to a channel. Channels are created and managed in the CMS.

  • Live Slicer: API

    The liveslicer exposes a set of APIs that can be used to mark ads, replace content, etc.

Video Editing

  • Clipping Video

    The clipping tool can be used to make clips of existing videos in the upLynk system.