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If you're having a problem, we want to help!

The best and fastest way to receive help is by reaching us at - this will create a ticket in our support system and you'll receive an automated reply with an incident number. Your inquiriy will be assigned to a member of the support team who will work with you to see your problem or question through to resolution.

Can't you just give me a phone number to call?

No—but please don't misunderstand this as any lack of interest! We'd love to answer your questions.

Initiating support via email results in the least amount of time overall between problem and solution, it ensures your problem will be routed to someone who knows how to address it, and it guarantees we have a complete record of any incident so that we can further improve the service and prevent problems in the future.

Problem reporting tips

The #1 thing to remember when reporting problems is this: the more information you provide, the faster your problem will be solved.

Approach a problem report from the perspective of painting a picture or telling a detailed story. Here are some very helpful bits of information to include:

  • Your username - without this, there is generally very little we can do to help you!
  • What - What are the symptoms you're seeing? Give as much detail as possible about what the problem is versus what you expected to have happen.
  • When - When did the issue start? Does the problem happen occasionally, sometimes, always?
  • How - If possible, include detailed steps to make the problem happen, e.g. "Open a web browser to http://..., then click on X, etc.". The sooner we can duplicate the problem ourselves, the sooner we can fix it.

Emergencies are never fun, and it's tempting to skimp on details in order to notify us more quickly. In nearly every situation, however, we have found that while this does reduce the time to notify us, it lengthens the total time to getting the problem solved.

Network Status

Find out the latest status information for our Uplynk Video Streaming service through our Network Status page. A description for each possible system status is provided below.

Incident StatusDescription
Normal Performance Indicates that the service is operating within predetermined levels of performance.
Mitigated Impact Indicates that a performance-impacting condition has been reduced to a negligible level.
Possible Service Degradation Indicates that an investigation is underway to determine whether the service is experiencing sub-optimal performance.
Service Disruption Indicates that the service is performing significantly below predetermined performance levels. The service may be experiencing an outage.
Security Issue Indicates that the service is experiencing a condition that could potentially compromise its confidentiality, integrity, or availability.

Alternatively, subscribe to the Verizon Digital Media Services RSS feed to stay informed on the latest status changes across all of our services. If you're experiencing an outage that hasn't been reported on our Network Status page or RSS feed, please email as directed above.